WaveShield with 8 IR PhotoTransistor switches

Im building my waveshield at the moment, I'm new to m.controllers and electronics in general. Ive read a little about this shield but haven't tried anything yet (still building). I would like to ask some questions here before I start.

Im building an interactive wall with the hope to use 8 IR PhotoTransistors to trigger 8 different tones, like a small non-contact keyboard. I read somewhere that the Arduino/Waveshield can only support 6switch/sensor inputs. I need 8.
I have Arduino Duemilinove and the PhotoTransistors I want to use are the QRD1113/1114 REFLECTIVE OBJECT SENSOR made by Fairchild.

Could you please first tell me if this is possible and finally point me in the direction of where I can find information about code and breadboard layouts. Like I said, Im a novice but Im a fast learner.
Thanks in advance.

Which Waveshield are you using/building?

Hi PaulS
Im building the Waveshield Kit v1.1 by adafruit.


You could post a link, so what you need help with is a click away. Or, you can expect everyone else to go hunting.

Your call, but the link will get you more help.

OK, Im not sure how to post links here but here it goes.
Im using the

WaveShield hopefully with these


The wave shield is not limited to any fixed number of sounds/songs that it can play.

The Arduino (the smaller ones, not the Mega) are limited to 6 analog inputs. There are more digital inputs.

It is this limit that will impact you, unless you get the Mega, which can handle 16 analog sensors.

I was planning on using my Arduino Duemilinove for the job.
Is there any way that I can use two digital inputs and the 6 analog ones to get all 8sensors playing the 8tones stored on the wave shield?

OK, so the Duemilanove can only take 6 analog inputs.
I now have a Mega sitting here in front of me, it has 16 analog inputs.

The waveshield is now built but Im unsure how to solder up the headers because the waveshield has only six analog inputs to solder these headers.

Basically Im back to my original question:
Can I get 8 IR PhotoTransistor switches like this:
to work with my waveshield:

Using the Arduino Mega's 16analog inputs?

Any help will be most appreciated.


The WaveShield does not do anything with the analog pins. Look at the schematic:

The header that goes in that location is just there so that another shield can be stacked on top, and make use of, or not, the analog pins.


How did your project turn out? Did you have any trouble interfacing with the Mega, or were you able to use the Dueliminove? I'm interested in constructing a similar project and would be interested in hearing about your lessons learned. Based on the content of this thread, I am guessing that you had a lot of trial and error involved.

Im still plugging away, stumbling in the dark.
Havent made much progress as Im a complete noob.
Ive decided to forego the 8 sensor inputs(and mega) for now, while I try and figure the simpler stuff out. I have the Shield connected to my Duemilanove with the hope of using the Mux shield in the future to multiplex.

To be honest Im lost but cant find anyone to help.
Ive followed the directions on
but cant for the life of me get anything to work.
Perhaps its too difficult for someone like me.
Sorry I cant help you but the Mux shield may solve the 6input limit problem if it indeed exists.
Unfortunately I have a long way to go before getting there.
Good luck.

Solve your input problems here:-

What problems are you having with the wave shield? What error code number is it reporting?

Grumpy Mike.
Thanks for the link. It talks about increasing digital inputs, would it still be possible when using the 8 analog phototransistor sensors?

Im away from home at the moment. Will be back at my arduino on the weekend, then I will try to reenact all the errors and problems Ive come across over the last few months and post them here for you to see.
Thanks a lot.

would it still be possible when using the 8 analog phototransistor sensors

It is possible but you need a different technique, you need an analogue multiplexer.

Here is an example used in one of my projects.

Thanks again Grumpy Mike for those links.
I can see they will help me get this project going, and I will have some questions for you about your footsteps setup when the time comes but for the moment I will explain the problems Im having.

Ive started out from scratch again and this time managed to verify and upload this code successfully.
Im working on an Asus Eeepc 901 and have formatted the SD card using this advice:

Everytime I press reset on the waveshield I get this error in the serial monitor:
WaveHC with 6 buttons
Free RAM: 646
Card init. failed!
SD I/O error: 1, 0

Do I have to use 4MHz mode? I have a Wavshield v1.1
Im unclear as to how to alter the code to change to 4MHz mode and am not convinced that this is the problem as I read that its only for v1.0 shields.

I cant get past this point.
I will go and buy an external SD reader to format the SD card on my wifes Mac tomorrow. Perhaps that will fix this issue.

Following on from this I cant find anywhere on:
that explains how I must wire in the switches.

I know this is all basic stuff.
Sorry and appreciative.