Wavgat Mega 2560 supply voltage display

Hi, Guys!

I'm interested in, has MEGA 2560 microcontroller an internal supply voltage detection channel, or do I have to use an ADC channel and an external resistor pair?

Thanks: rcph

It depends on what you are asking. You can read the internal voltage on some of the arduino microcontrollers, depending on the chip. This is documented elsewhere on this forum. If you are talking about voltage external to the microcontroller such as the raw supply voltage you need two external resistors as you indicated. When you calculate your resistor values, keep it easy and make the one to ground 10K or less and the one to the voltage source to give a voltage of less then the A/D max at worst case voltage. This will keep your input impedance less then 10K which is a requirement on most of the chips.

Hello, Gil!

Thank You very much the reply. I thought for Your 1st point, I’m interested in about internal voltage reading method. Can You recommend me a similar doc of Wavgat 2560 MEGA microcontroller? I’m sorry, I couldnt’d find this information yet…

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