Wcn3-0080sr-a13 display 7 segments 3 digits


I did buy this display WCN3-0080SR-A13. Specs in the link below. I'm trying to use with Arduino Uno, but.

My problems are:

  1. What is the logic to control each digit? The logic of other displays doesn't match.
  2. I need to use transistors with this display?

best regards

This is a common anode display.

One way to connect:

ABCDEFGDp connected to resistors to 8 output pins.

Three P channel MOSFETs to +5V, control by three (segment select) output pins.

Select the 7 segments as needed, turn on the segment MOSFET.

You can use it directly connected to the UNO including the anodes. The eight series segment resistors must be at least 1k.

Then wait a reasonable amount of time (about 3 ms) while doing other essential things in the code.
Turn off the segment FET
Select the 7 segments as needed for the next digit.
Turn on that next digit FET
Wait ... etc.