We are not able to detect the installed agent

Hi guys,
Installation fails when i try to install Arduino Web connector, I'm using Fedora 33 with Firefox and i executed CLI installation where the console indicates that following error:

"error while loading shared libraries: libappindicator3.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I installed requested libraries but the package installator cannot found libraries.

Please your help!


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Hello! I think you should install

sudo apt-get install libappindicator1 libappindicator3-0.1-cil 
libappindicator3-0.1-cil-dev libappindicator3-1 libappindicator3-dev 
libgtk-3-0 libgtk-3-dev

Or you could use the _cli version (it should be installed and present in ~/ArduinoCreateAgent/Arduino_Create_Agent_cli

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