We are not able to detect the installed plugin (SOLVED)


I have installed Ubuntu 16 on Up2 Board and I have also installed Adruino Plugin successfully. I can see the icon on my system tray also, but on startup page it says that unable to detect plugin. I am not behind any proxy either.

Kindly help .

Unable to detect plugin cane be a few causes.

  1. User thinks it installed correctly but missed a permissions box...Fix is re-install but be aware of any pop ups etc and answer YES when required.

  2. Network issues...could be access to specific ports...network type such as EDU or public or business requiring admin help.

  3. General security issues...Antivirus or similar software...Also permissions errors such as root / administrator etc.

The colour of the plugin in the system tray may also hold clues. If it is grey it was not installed correctly.

Not a Linux person so I cannot help you with that aspect.


Thanks , I was able to solve this issue. Issue was with my connections.