"We are not able to detect the installed plugin"

I am not behind any proxy whatsoever. I am in my home and using my home network. Yet, Arduino is unable to find the plug-in.

Nevermind it now got detected after I re-installed it for the 10th time, I am not even exaggerating this number. The person who was responsible for this plug-in needs to have a look at this. Most people using your platform won't be as resilient as me. You don't want people to be turned away right at your doorstep because of such a lousy nuisance. Rectify this problem.

You are in a minority of people who have had issues.

The plugin works but only if you follow the instructions fully and say YES to the pop ups it presents. Some people have also had issues with thier antivirus too but for the most part that issue seems to have been resolved.

If only the many people who successfully installed the plugin would post then this forum would be full to overflowing.

Sorry you had issues but it is hard to tell what you eventually did correctly as you didnt mention much detail.

Tried several times and test firefox and chrome on both windows and linux, but it just won't work.


Your is a “me too” question but has ZERO detail…Near the top of this section are a few posts I can highly recommend reading.

software just can't install, turned off anti-virus system and still waiting for 2h now and nothing


Yours is also a "me too" question or statement. Please read the posts at the top of the forum and add much more detail please.

I finally got this to install after about 10 times on two different computers. Right-click the install and choose “Run As Administrator.” Might help.