We just got a Tank!

Most small towns I've been to have a field gun near their Memorial Gardens,
Look what we just got here in Echunga!

The Australian Army are upgrading to Abrahms M1's.
So we got this!
How cool is that!

  • arduino = win

Oh heck yes!
An autonomous arduino controlled tank... that would be SO cool.
Imagine the servo's you'd need to control it :wink:

Well that's pretty random

Australia has an army?

The Abrams is an upgrade?

The Abrams is an upgrade?

I'm sure the people with the fuel supply contracts think so :smiley:

Australia has an army?

Last seen four years ago taking a walkabout in the outback. :wink:


Heck yeah, those things got jet engines in them... they run off of JP8! That's the ground version of the JP5 we fueled up fighters and helicopters with. They have one hell of a thermal signature.

Australia has an army?

Yes we do.
In fact we've been fighting and dying alongside US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was talking to a mate who was in the ADF, he worked on the Leopards and M113's.
He told me remote controlling a Leopard would be quite easy!
All you'd need to do is put solenoid valves on the steering system for a "quick and dirty" control system!

/insert evil laugh here!/


Why not buy your own? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/WWII-Stuart-M5A1-Light-Tank-/180627788858?pt=Military_Vehicles&hash=item2a0e41543a