We made NoCAN, an Arduino-compatible wired IoT platform for makers!

Sometimes "wireless" is not the right solution for an IoT project, notably because of battery or signal issues.

So we created "NoCAN": a "wired" IoT platform for makers.

With NoCAN, you can connect your Raspberry Pi to a new Arduino-compatible board called CANZERO.

Not just one but as many as you like!

Thanks to clever software, the Raspberry Pi and all CANZERO boards can communicate with each other using a simple cable that also supplies power to each connected boards.

You upload your code to individual CANZERO boards over the network through the Raspberry Pi without having to connect to each CANZERO board individually.

Software on the Raspberry Pi can connect to external applications running on smartphones and tablets to send and receive data.

The CANZERO boards are programmable through the Arduino IDE and are physically compatible with the new Arduino MKR family of boards so that you can leverage a lot of existing software and hardware from the Arduino universe.

The provided software platform and Arduino libraries take care of all the hard work related to network management so that you can focus on building cool applications with sensors, relays, lights, and
actuators, in your home and garden.

We are launching our Kickstarter today! To learn more, please check us out at:


Today marks the beginning of the last week of our crowdfunding campaign for NoCAN. We are already more than 200% funded. Come and join the adventure.

Boards are being made !