Everything i do pops up this.

Only required should be the default.
Let me hit it once and never see it again please.

I just got that too. Seeing the Cookies notification a lot on most websites these days. Especially annoying on Paypal.

There is something wrong with the settings.
I get it when I select reply.
Again when i post
Again when i read
Again when .....
At least 20 times in a few minutes.

No other site does that.

Can somebody throw that up on GITHUB ?

Only seen it the once so far here.

Screenshot_2020-12-14 WE USE COOKIES.png

Screenshot_2020-12-14 WE USE COOKIES.png

You should only see it until you click either "Accept All" or "Only required"

If you continue to see it there may be something wrong with your browser, for example an extension that is blocking cookies (ironically enough, the cookie banner does use cookies in order to decide whether it needs to display or not)

You should only see it until you click either "Accept All" or "Only required"

Yep it's gone now :smiley:

If you continue to see it there may be something wrong with your browser...

Something wrong with peoples's browser. You are joking, right? It's really pixxxx me off.
(mod edit...you should know better)

I'm not joking. Are you having issue with it too?

Yes, whatever I click it appears again, “Accept All” nor “Only required” helps.

Do you have any browser extensions that block cookies? Or other privacy-oriented extensions?

Chrome with AdBlock, but even if I switch off Adblock for the site it is the same.

Try contacting the support at support@arduino.cc

I use my android phone
my cheap tablet, I think it is android
my PC is dual boot. windoz and linux
my PC at work is Win

I prefer to use only required.

on my android phone, I get the message every time it changes screens or I refresh.
I have nothing loaded

on my ubuntu, not sure if I have accept all, don't know if I ever see it.
I do have ad blocker enabled

on my win boot, I get it once, I can live with that.

just stopping back to see if there was any progress or if others have the same issue.

On any of my devices, I did select "only required". The popup never came back after that.

Just a small heads up.

If you clear your browser cache on a regular basis or have any extensions that may do that for you including ad blockers or similar you may see the request more often.

Some browsers have a CLEAR ON EXIT type function which may also cause the pop up to be seen more often.

If it is really intolerable check those aspects and change any settings as needed to reduce the instance of the pop up.

Most sites now REQUIRE a similar pop up and some are way more intrusive often blocking very large parts of the screen.

Occasionally some sites can have that pop up cleared simply by using either the BACK button or the REFRESH button for your browser.

I was unaffected by this for a while, but of late I've been seeing it every three or four days.

I am also having this continually along with other forum issues I have reported in other threads in Firefox after accepting required cookies.

@matteosuppo I don't think it's a problem with browser if users are using modern compliant browsers with adblockers off as has been reported here. There's enough problems happening I think there's too many of these scripts being run on the forums. This often happens with default installs of forum programs, but perhaps the settings could be tweaked to reduce the spammy stuff?


“spammy stuff” A rather nondescript explanation in a technical forum.

Most of the “problems” described in this section have been dealt with or in such cases as yours don’t really have much detail for anyone to go on.

Other than your dislike of the site which averages over 2,500 unique visits a day of which only an indeterminate small amount have mentioned the site I ask.

Do you have any Arduino issues ?

Please Arduino, turn cookie warnings off. They are pointless, we all know you and every other website uses cookies, we don't need to be told. Cookie warnings are a stupid, pointless idea from politicians and officials desperate to be seen to do something about 'spammy stuff', but which achieve nothing except irritation.