Wearable Arduino Watch SPI TFT Lcd display

Hi All,
I have a 128x128 LCD Screen Module for Arduino
(128x128 LCD Screen Module for Arduino | Jaycar Electronics)
and I need some help to work with it for arduino nano and how to code it.

All products are duino tech


Let google help you out! I googled 'LCD ST7735 Arduino' and got a bunch of hook-up guides for displays like yours. That weird alphanumeric word in the middle is from the link you posted.

This Might Just Be my finding But there mainly 1.8(128x160) think there is a difference between 1.44 and 1.8


EDIT:100% sure there is a differnce


The size of the display is not the important specification. The wiring for all displays using the ST7735 controller should be the same, regardless of size.