Wearable Tracking Device Using Adafruit FLORA

Good day! I am a 4th year college student and I want to ask the community for some help with regards to the project that my team and I will be doing in one of our major subject. We have no knowledge about Arduino and this will be our first time doing a project with it so your help will be highly appreciated.

The project that we are planning to have is a wearable tracking device that can send GPS data to a web server so that people can access the data using an Android application. Aside from being able to send GPS data, the wearable tracking device can also be detected by another device developed using an Arduino board. So far I'm fairly certain with the following components:

The two components will be used for the wearable tracking device. Now I would like to ask for your help in determining the other components that we need for the following features:

  • Send the GPS data from the wearable tracking device to the web server through wireless data transfer
  • Allow the wearable tracking device to be detected by a detecting device developed using Arduino

As for the first feature, the wireless communications technologies that I could think of are WIFI, GSM/GPRS, and ZigBee Protocol. Now considering the fact that our project is wearable technology, WIFI and GRM/GPRS technologies are not appropriate due to the size of the modules that I've already looked at. We want our project to be as compact as possible that's why I think the XBee Modules are the best option that we have. Am I right about this one? If not, can anyone suggest a solution that would fit to our project?

As for the second feature, the idea is that once the wearable tracking device has been detected by a detecting device, it should be able to send an alert to the person using the Android application so that he/she can see the GPS data saved in the web server using Google Maps.

Based in my research, for us to be able to detect the wearable tracking device by a detecting device, the following components will be used:

Wherein the transmitting module will be attached to the wearable tracking device while the receiving module will be attached to an Arduino board. My concern is, are they compatible with the Adafruit FLORA and Arduino boards respectively?

Aside from those components, I saw another RF receiver and transmitter modules that I think can do the detecting feature I mentioned earlier. These are the following:

Are the components that I mentioned be able to do the detection feature that we want to have? If not, can anyone suggest any alternative components or solution?

Thank you in advance for your help.