Hi! I am working on a mkr1000 which displays time (on a adafruit 7 segment led backpack) so in the current state it is a normal clock. I use online data not an RTC to keep it in sync. So basically I want to add 2 new features, make the “:” in the middle of the 7 segment display blink once per second (like on a normal clock) and I also want to add a 20 second display change which would be a weather information. I honestly have no idea how to make blink the “:”. However, I have idea how to make the weather but I dont know how to get data and what “server” should I use to do that. If any of you guys have any idea to where to get weather data of make that middle part blink, I would be appreciated.

look at the Blink without delay example sketch in the IDE. It shows you how to do things periodically without using the delay() function which blocks code execution. You will then have to apply that to your clock display.

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the blink might be to re-draw the screen, one time with : showing and then a second time without it.

I honestly have no idea how to make blink the ":".

One way is to alternately turn on and off that digit location. Another is to alternately write ":" or blank to that location.

Either way, study the Blink Without Delay example.