Weather proof ultrasonic sensor range to tell depth of water in well

I’m working on a project with my well and the depth is about 20-25 feet. I need a sensor that is water/weather proof which I can find but I need it to read ranges of at least 25 feet. Does such a product exist? I can only find ones that work to 18 feet. Thanks !

For that range I think that a commonly available ultrasonic sensor is not going to give you the desired results unless you are ready to spend a fortune on a sensor. Check these guys they have a 48ft type Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor,Ultra Sonic Water Level Transducer

I would suggest you consider a pressure sensor for your project instead

im guessing you have already found these: JSN-SR04T JSN-SR04T - Buy JSN-SR04T with free shipping on AliExpress

it can only handle 19.5 feet, But you can let the sensor hang down 4 or 5 feet

That is how i did it when measuring the water level in the well we have its abut 8 meters deep but it never gets empty or really full so its working.

(attiny 85 and a nrf24l01 with power from 2 aa and dc-dc to 5v and controlling the power to the ultrasonic sensor with a pnp transistor)

Anyway just a tip best of luck

Very long distance for ultrasound.

As it's a well you're bound to measure the distance to the nearest irregularity in the well wall rather than the distance to the water surface.

Other methods, such as water pressure at the bottom (or somewhere below the lowest level) will work better.