Weather sealing a PIR motion sensor ideas?

Hi everyone,

I've been playing with a cheap Infrared PIR motion sensor I bought via eBay (like the on on this link

Although it's very cheap, it works great. Now I want to have motion detection outside. Does anyone has some suggestions to wheater seal the sensor? Can I put it in a box? Cover it with Sugru?


i use silicone silme for fish tanks for that... :slight_smile:
but sugru seems to b good 2...

Thanks for the silicone suggestion! It's probably cheaper than Sugru. Do you have a specific type/brand of silicone you can recommend?


i m in germany and use the cheapest slime i can find…
i just take care that it is good for fish tanks… when it doesnt hurt fishes then it wont hurt me… :slight_smile:

You could vacuum form a plastic cover. If for no other reason than vacuum forming is kinda neat.

Use a conformal coating, this is used for Marine electronics and "permanent" connectors. The PIR "lens" is probably OK outside, unless the device is in the baking sun all the time, however the external circuit and connections can collect humidity and therefore corrode, so the conformal coating is pretty effective against that.

I have found that silicone can affect sensitive circuits (due to capacitance?).

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