weather sealing a solenoid valve


I'm working on an automated garden-watering project. I've got a few solenoid valves like this one

actually mine are 3/4 inch, but everything else is the same).

the valves will be hooked up directly to a water spigot outside. Because of where the solenoid valves need to go, there isn't space to enclose them in any sort of box. I'll have my arduino and relays all enclosed in a water-proof box, but i need to run a couple of wires to these solenoids and i'm having trouble figuring out how to keep water off of them. Does anyone have any advice? is there any sort of plastic i can enclose them in? epoxy?


there isn’t space to enclose them in any sort of box.

Hmmm. But you have space for a garden??

In the past I have weatherproofed some stuff by cutting down a plastic peanut butter jar, inverted over the object, and sealing wires etc with silicone.