Weather Station based on Arduino


This is the first time I "show off" here.
I am used to the french section, but as I maintain a blog in french and english, I can easily share my project here too !

I propose a weather station built for my brother and currently used by himself for educational and research purposes.
It demonstrates how easy it is to collect environmental data with cheap materials and some basic knowledge.

This is my bigger project until now (while certainly not impressive for most of you), considering the number of components, the different communication protocol used, and giving the fact I did everything from the prototyping board until the final design that can be hanged to a tree !

Attached is a preview, and all the description, code, materials can be found here : - This website is for sale! - thepolyscope Resources and Information.

(it includes also a Excel file with some macros to help retrieving data and plot it easily.)

Hope you will like it !

Do you have any photos of the weather data displayed on the lcd ?

Of course, here it is.

On the left, you can see measurements updated every 8 seconds and including:
day, time, temperature from two different sensors, atmospheric pressure and humidity.

On the right, it is a view of set up menu where you can define day and time.
Four little screw are in fact push buttons to access the function defined on screen (+ or -).

The display can be unplugged during the measurements, as it may not handle winter cold outside.