weather station guidance

Hello everyone

So I found a few related threads such as I wonder if he ever finished his project

So I have been wanting to build a project for my local hang gliding / paragliding club and place some sensors on one of the mountain tops we fly from and have it be web accessible on PC or smartphone of course.

Im pretty clear on building the meters/sensors and setting it up with the arduino. I plan on using one of the cellular shields with a prepaid data sim card for getting the info from the mountain top.

My question or I guess I would just like to hear others opinions how they would go about getting the data online, im guessing to a website, so everyone can log in whenever and see the conditions. I see some places offer software to take that raw data and plot it on a chart and whatnot, but I am curious about other ways to go about it as cost efficient as possible.

I would eventually like to make it to where the data in streaming onto the clubs website, the frontpage

thanks for any ideas!

edit....oh and another question. Can anyone tell me roughly the power consumption i am looking at? it would be an atmega256 and basically 4 sensors temp/humidity/barometric pressure and an external wind velocity/direction guage. I am planning on using solar to charge batteries for this. A buddy of mine is designing the solar array and setup and asked what the draw would be and I have no idea

The main 'power hungry' device will be the gsm/gprs modem, which can draw up to two amps (depending on signal quality) when transmitting. This includes handshaking with the network.


I am looking to make a similar project. Could you tell me did you finish this one? I am also interested in power consumption…