Weather station issues

Hi everyoneone, I just subbed in this forum because I need help for a project i'm building; this project consists in a weather station with (obviously :stuck_out_tongue: ) arduino.
I would make a weather station wich is able to send data to a remote database, but that is not te problem I want to talk about here; the real problem is that I want my project to be able to read the value of pm10. while searching on internet I found only project which includes only values of temperature, pressure, humidity and something else, but none with pm10 sensor.
Here is the problem then, is there any sensor wich let me read the value of pm10 in the air?
I found the "Seedstudio Grove" project, but it costs more than I'd like to spend, and it gives me much more things than I'd like to use (a shield wich is unconfortable since I'd like to build my arduino in a standalone version, and many sensor I don't need).
I found something like that grove dust sensor, but I can't find enough documentation about how does it works,and about how can I interface it with arduino.
I'm working at this project since a week or 2, I will use a dht22 sensor for humidity and temperature, something else for the athmospheric pressure, and a gsm module to send data. My only issue at the moment is the pm10 sensor, because without it the project would be much easy and maybe useless too, so I'd like to add something different.
Thank you for the help, I hope I made no mistake in writing this text ( I'm italian, not english :slight_smile: ), and I hope some of you can help me with this issue.