Weather station Netatmo in field


I am student who is making a prototype.

I have Netatmo weather station which allow me to gather different weather data like rain, air humidity or temperature.

My project is to put it on a stake into a field, have an access to these data when I am far from the stake (several kms), extract them to excel/CSV format (or other...) and import them into a personalized interface I made. I have a priori no problem to extract them and import them.

The problem is that Netatmo need to be connected to internet in order to send the information and I have no internet box in a field but I have a 3G network coverage.

A solution I thought about is to use an Arduino and a 3G USB key an to have access to the data in this way.

I wanted to know the feasibility of such a system. I saw in an other forum that I can connect a 3G USB key on Arduino Due or Yun or shield Host.

However, I am very excited to discover what Arduino can allow but I never used one, so I would like some help on the required materials and maybe some tutoriel about it (I know how to program in Python or C++, I hope it is sufficient, I can also learn other langage of course).

Thank you for your help.