weather station to windfinder, simple way to do it?...

Hi everyone!

I am starting to play with arduino stuff and am looking to build a weather station that transmits over 3g. Now, let's forget the 3g part and sensor reading part. My problem stands there: I need to send an http request that looks like this:

Sender ID: provided for each weather stagtion individually
password: provided for each weather stagtion individually
Local Date: DD.MM.YYYY
Local Time: HH:MM
Air temp: Celsius C°
wind: knots
Wind direction: degrees (0 - 360°)
Air Pressure: HectoPascal (hPA)
Rain: millimeters per h (mm/h)

I am not a network pro, nor do I have experience with the ethernet shields (looking to use one similar to this):

I found some example sketches, but they only referred to updating php pages and mySQL. Is it simpler if I only need to push this URL each 5 minutes?

Thank you all

Oh and by the way, I did use the search function, i've been at it for a week.

If the Ethernet board you are using is compatible with the official Arduino Ethernet Shield you can use one of the Ethernet Library examples as a basis. I'd start with File->Examples->Ethernet->WebClientRepeating and set the postingInterval to 5UL10UL1000UL (5 minutes in milliseconds). Change these lines to match the URL you want to send:

    client.println("GET /latest.txt HTTP/1.1");

Thank you John

So would it look like

   client.println("GET /wind-cgi/ HTTP/1.1");


Thank you