Weather station v2

More about project:
The microcontroller for this solution is the NodeMCU board with the legendary ESP8266 chip in the 12E.
The board can also connect to HTTPS sites, allowing data integrity to be guaranteed before delivery.
Technologies for weather station

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • AJAX - Dynamic entry of recent temperatures into real-time tabs
  • Google Charts
  • C (Wiring) for NodeMCU
  • Wifi: Data transfer to the web (encrypted)
  • Microcontroller -> NodeMCU (ESP8266-12E)

Quantities in the project:

  • 2x temperature
  • 1x humidity
  • 1x atmospheric pressure
    Version v2 offers:
  • New graphical user interface (responsive)
  • Login system
  • Real-time data in a dynamic table
  • Archiving at 10-minute intervals to MySQL database, Google Graphs (CanvasJS replacement) - chart listing current day + 7 last days
  • Improved weather forecast for all-day temperature development
  • Reset the desktops at a distance
  • Login log / change logins
  • Plate connection status indicator
  • Change names of individual rooms / names of sensors