Weather station

Hello, i am selling PHP files and .ino file for Arduino/NodeMCU.

You will need:
Arduino or NodeMCU board
2x DS18B20
1x DHT22

Website will work after you will have minimum 2 data arrays in database. Because there are mathematical iterations etc. I will translate project to you language.
You can use demo:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Translate it via Google Translator.

On website you can:

  • Watch real-time temperatures, humidity and pressure, Arduino/NodeMCU state online/offline anywhere in the world.

  • Look on graphs (current day + last 7 days for everything), history or each temperature....

  • Change names of where you have sensors (rooms, place, garden)

  • Restart board from website.

  • Watch maximums and minimums of current day or history.

  • Forecast

  • Log of unsucessful logins to your system with IP address

  • Change login informations

  • Log out


I send to you: Scheme (wiring), PHP codes for website + SQL file for make database, Arduino/NodeMCU code
Arduino = Arduino Uno(Mega) + Ethernet shield W5100
NodeMCU = NodeMCU v3 Lolin (or v2 Amica)
Write me an email if you interested:
NodeMCU you can use for HTTP and HTTPS sites, Arduino only for HTTP.