Weatherproof connectors that don't cost a fortune?

Anything with a real (or fake IP) rating has a price 5 to 10 times that of a normal connector.

Previously I tried using the Aliexpress screw together inline type designed for outdoor LED lighting. They had an O ring seal but the contact quality was poor.

Has anyone found any panel mounted connectors that are well manufactured and don't cost a fortune? I can deal with fake IP ratings as long as the build quality is consistent and the contacts aren't rubbish.

I have been using MC-4 connectors to connect my solar panels to the things.

I use SP13 black and blue connector on a enclosure installed on a floating foam on lakes and had no leaks. They claim to be IP68.
They are smaller than they appear and not very tough. I would not recommend if cable strain is expected but they are cheap.

How about a trailer connector available at any auto parts store. They are rugged, reliable, relatively inexpensive, and most are waterproof. I have seen them from 4 to 9 connections too !!

Have a look at automotive connectors - most are now waterproof .

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