Weatherproof LUX sensor?

Hi, I bought a light sensor but you can not use it outdoors. I want to measure LUX levels (light) out in the field.

If there is a sensor I can add to the top of a box that will measure quite accurately the LUX levels as the sun travels through the sky in a day. The problem with flat sensors is how to mount it so that the side of the box or cutout does not create a shadow over the sensor and give incorrect readings.

I would think something like an LED, which has a curved surface to collect light would work well. A LED package already has some great mountings and can be made weatherproof.

Any suggestions?


For measuring ambient light, most light meters use a translucent dome. A pong-pong ball will probably work. In an evenly lit environment, take readings with and without the ball. Use those readings to calculate the correction factor for the opacity of the ball.