Web client using Arduino UNO

Hi all,

I would like to create a project using my Arduino UNO, a Ethernet shield and a TFT/LCD touch display. Basically, the idea is to show a specific web in the display, that is indicated in the code, for example and, using the touch, that I can go up or down on the web.

Do you know if this could be possible, please?

I was looking for information about this idea but I only found projects where the Arduino Works as a Web Server...

Thanks a lot in advanced.


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Did you google

arduino web client

I did and got this;

Tom.... :slight_smile:

you want to render HTML? that can't Arduino do

Thanks @TomGeorge but I was Reading that article but it only show the HTML code and … Yes @Juraj, this is the goal that I'm trying to reach. I would like to render HTML and show it using the touch display...