Web Editor - Cannot import 'Cloud Variables'

(First-time poster)

I'm sure this has come up elsewhere but I can't find it on the forum, sorry.

I'm trying to import sketches from one cloud account (A) to another (B). I export it (as a .zip including all files) using the cloud editor in (A) and import it the same way into the second account (B).

When I do this it's visible and accessible in the web editor, but not in the IoT Cloud 'thing' view of account (B).

I've also tried making my sketch public in (A), opening it in (B) and copying it to the (B) account from there.

The only way I have to do this atm is to make a new 'Thing' in the cloud editor of account B, manually create all the variables with the same settings, then manually copy and paste my code in the IoT editor. With 30+ cloud variables, surely this isn't the right way to do it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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