Web editor on raspberry pi

Problem installing plugin.

Message says can't detect plugin hence can't get past stage two of create install

I am using chrome, rpi2, and stretch and from arduino create Linux.

Please help I can get to download and unzip etc but fails to execute just says can't find plugin

There is some missing information so I would refer you HERE FIRST.

RasPi has a few flavors of Linux so knowing which you have is useful as is browser version etc.

Is there a specific reason it has to be via a Pi ?

Browser: Chromium Version 60.0.3112.89 (Developer Build) Built in Ubuntu 14.04, running in Raspbian 9.1 (32 bit)

Linux: LX Terminal 0.3.0

Model Name ARMv7 Processor rev5 (v71)

I like to do my electronics experiments on my rpi2 set up.

Before I was using Linux x64 with no success, now using today with limited success linjuxarm tar xz it seems to be doing a good extracting and can be seen on screen in dialogue box but again and again after java is seen on screen while extracting of course an error occurred while accessing the archive which is the message that I see with red circle and with dash inside!

Let me see if I can get you the actual help you need.

Further problem arduino ide won't upload sketch of blink.

In tools I get port dev/tty/AMAO and not the port from lsusb in Linux which should be bus 001 device 006 I'd 1o4f:0016 sigma micro hence comm6

Bottom of screen says at processing .app.serial.touch forced reset(serial.java:101 ... 6 more

It is the weekend so nobody will be back to this until Monday at the very least.

Seemingly "you have to MAKE a build for it".

That will probably tell you more than it tells me.

Best I have for you so sorry about that.

Hi Bryan8,

to use the agent on ARM Linux boards (like Raspberry PI) you need to compile everything by yourself.
We currently package it only for Windows, Mac and Linux on 64bit Intel processors.

You can find the instructions to compile it here: GitHub - arduino/arduino-create-agent: The Arduino Create Agent

About the java IDE, it looks like your SD card is either full or broken, because the archive extracts and executes correctly on out test RPi . You probably also need to follow the guide about "adding udev rules" if the upload is not executing correctly (problems touching the port etc)

Thanks for your reply.

However I am still new to all this and I am struggling to follow the instructions given on the suggested websites!

I am keen to learn about how to build etc.

By the way when I at a terminal and follow the instructions for the permissions on serial port I just get no directories or files after doing ls dev/tty....Where am I going wrong?

I really can't wait to having some fun with my new micro but I just sadly can't just hack it!

Any further tips on getting arduino working on RPI would be appreciated , I installed the arm version for 1.8.5 but following the instructions for v1.8.1 on the guy who does the medium (google) website! Could this be where I am going wrong after the final step of install seems to throw up messages mentioning minecraftetc!