web editor: open source?

Hi all!

I was researching about Arduino new features and service, and didnt read any info about licence on the web editor.

Is the arduino web editor open source?

Thanks a lot

I believe only parts of it are. Primarily:

This part is just a multi platform serial port agent
It seems Arduino is not sharing web platform :frowning:

No they are not as that particular section is proprietary.

And with good reason.
As you know "codebender" has gone commercial.
And a few similar sites are also PPV such as BLYNK.

The editor is also still in "active" development.

Arduino is at the end of the day a "commercial" company so there will be some things that have to potential to make a lot of money.
Making them available freely would simply be "commercial suicide" or fraught with legal and litigation and licencing issues.

The cost of Amazon servers to host thousands of online coding accounts with live code and all the development that a task of that size costs are not cheap.