WEB IDE - Wire1 not declared in this scope

I know that this is not a new problem and I have found other threads on how to fix it, but not when using the web IDE. I have tried removing the Wire.h library and then loading it again to have the same problem. I don't see anything local on my machine to delete and reload..?

I want to upgrade my working Mega 2560 garden to use a Nano33 IOT controller. so I can get on the web.

Does anyone know how I can clear the IDE environment and reload the correct library? My IDE currently has my Nano33 IOT setup and I can connect to my home network/web but when I try to use my existing garden class it complains about Wire1 not declared in this scope?

Thank you for your help!

Web IDE? Arduino Create?

Arduino Web Editor


Most of us don't use the Arduino Web Editor.
I certainly don't.


Ok, advice taken!

I will see if I can get it running in Visual Studio Code where my web stuff is.

I will also look around here for a "howto get setup quick guide" on what is recommended...

  • When you encounter an error, you’ll see a button that looks like two pieces of paper at the top right corner of the black console pane below the Arduino Web Editor’s sketch pane. Click that button.
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