Web interface for weight scale

hello want to make weight scale with web interface

so i have already made a scale using arduino mega and a pressure sensor, now i want to be able to monitor it from wifi ( dont have to go out to the internet yet , the local network is good for now).

for the wifi part i installed esp-01s (with external power and logic level convertor) , i was able to communicate with the module and connect it to the wifi but now im stuck on creating the web interface and make eveything automatic

can you share from your expirience some example code or a toutorial that can help

  • i cannot use the esp-01s standalone because the arduino also need to get tempruture reading and make other calculation the only way is to use the arduino serial comunication the send the date to the wifi

thank you

A NodeMCU sounds like a sensible alternative as well.

Anyway for the Arduino/ESP01 combo there must be hundreds of tutorials and code examples out there.