Web Interface via XBee


I call it the security bot. Its a Arduino with a camera and motor shield. It will be controlled via a website so I can remotely roam the house. Maybe in the future it will roam by itself and add more sensors to it.

I am using a XBee connected to my computer to control it since WiFi uses to many pins.

Currently using serproxy(tinker's version) and PHP to control it via a basic page. Originally I had used PHP to talk to the serial port directly but was flaky and slow plus triggers auto reset which for some reason serproxy doesn't.

The camera is being served with Activewebcam.

I am also able to read back to the web page from the serial port. I noticed that if the Arduino doesn't respond with something is mess up the code or something and it can hang waiting for a response.

Question: What would be the best way to control the Arduino from a web page? The way I am doing it works but it is slow and sometime hangs up the port for a few till it times out. What would be a better way that maybe is real time and more reliable.

Should I go with a flash interface but that would still need serproxy, but I like because I can have the site run off from my server verses my workstation. Maybe create sessions and keep the serial port open? Also right now the website sends commands to move a little at a time, so moving is slow. Can be a good thing for slow/flaky connections such as cellular.

Thanks for any input or ideas. This is my first Arduino project.

If you can defeat the arduino auto reset using a 120 ohm resistor, then you probably could duplicate the below web control setup using the apache web server and a batch file.


Thanks I will look at that. I think I had run across that page before in my travels across the interwebs.

I was looking for alt program to activewebcam, looks webcam2000 might be it.

How is the responsiveness and how does it deal with opening and closing the serial port multiple times in a row?

I am interested in the pan/tilt too since I am adding a servo for the wireless camera which I haven't figured out how I am going to attach it to the servo yet.

Can the video be faster FPS with that software?

The video is a little faster when used on a lan, and possibly when an applet is used instead of the javascript. Below is a router bot setup that might be of interest. Last night I noticed that walmart had the small child 6v riding toy for $40. Might make a inexpensive moble bot platform.


Thanks. That would scare a kid lol.