Web Plugin install error in Windows 10

When installing as a user in Windows 10 Creator’s, I am receiving an error message when installing the plugin "problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly…error running c:\users\sspadaro\appdata\roaming\arduinocreateagent-1.1/certmg
r.exe -add
t.cer” -s -r currentUser root:child killed: unknown signal

Please help, thanks. Screenshot of error attached.

What web plugin are you talking about?

The Arduino create online web plugin.. fails on the certificate install

I installed the regular IDE in Windows 10.

Hopefully you will find a solution in the correct area where I asked the mods to move this to.

Usually its a simple "permissions" error or you did not say YES to a certificate or security warning.

We tested the installation from scratch on Win 10 on Firefox and we could not find any issue. Do you have a Firewall or Antivirus that may be blocking the plugin? Have you accepted all the certificates?