Web server AND survey station ?

Hi ! I'm throwing myself into this crazy project. I got a couple of technical rooms with servers and other electric devices, and i would like to be alerted whenever the temperature is too high or an electric circuit breaker fails. I got switches and all required sensors. My problem is the following :

I'd like to have a webserver running to allow staff to consult an history of alerts, anomalies and interventions, and still have the survey process at the same time. I'll build myself an I/O board including I2C GPIO, a RTC clock, a LCD screen and all required connectors. But still, can both "tasks" be done at the same time ? Would i have to implement some kind of scheduler ? Should i better go for a dual-chip solution, making 2 arduino boards communicate ?

Thanks for any advice you could give on this matter.

If you've got a room full of servers, why not do the real world sensing with an arduino and have one of the servers communicate with the arduino and do the 'clever stuff' like keeping time (which it probably already does) and hosting the web interface ?

Kind of like my setup :


In fact, this is a school project, and i'm working with a set of constraints. There's already some switchs couples with circuit breakers to detect power failures, and thermostats. I should be able to communicate with all those via simple cables, and i'd like to do it that way. But i still don't know if a single Atmega chip will be able to manage the inputs watching, seb server providing AND output generation at the "sametime". I don't really feel like implementing an home-made scheduler in cpp.Well, if i have to, why not... but if there's another way...