web server Arduino and 32 relay

Hi all, I would build a simply domotic project. I would like to buy 2 x 16 relay channel (32 relay) and a web server. But i have so many trouble: ethernet shield can handle 32 relay i/o, if not how could I do that? wich kind of arduino should i choose and buy?

Many thanks in advance to all

Hello, i'm new to Arduino.

But i think you need Arduino MEGA or Due, both of them can handle 54 I/O.

Ethernet will only get your Arduino connected to your router, will not control directly your Relays.

Sorry for my English

You could use latching multiplex chips like the 74HC259 to expand the output control of an arduino.

many thnaks to all for the reply i think i go with arduino due. There some pre-built low cost board with 74HC259? Thanks

there are somewhere a simply program to test relay (on/off) for 32 i/o channel? and specifically for mega 2560? Thanks again