web server from file

good morning, I whant to know if is possible to start a web server (arduino mego + wifi shield) from an html file. When you start a web server you write on it html code, correct? I want to start a web server with an html page in the sd card. Is possible? How to do it? Thanks Lorenzo from Italy

The web server is the program that sends the HTML file to the browser.


How to do it?

Did you already do a Google search for “arduino sd card webserver”?

You did not, or what?

I tried in italian, but i haven't fount anyting. In english there are a lot of sites. thanks for the quick reply Lorenzo

First web server example here is based on the SD card. http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/WebServerST

The below post has arduino code for putting some web page files on the SD card. The post also has the needed files attached for the servo slider web page project.