Web server not responding, requires reset

Hi, I am having sporadic issues with using Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2 controllers in my escape room after updating to WiFiNINA firmware rev 1.2.3.

I am running a simple web server using WiFiNINA and the example code. Seemingly at random, the web server will no longer respond to GET requests. I can still ping the arduino when this happens, but some of the requests will time out. If I kick the arduino off my network, it will reconnect successfully and work for a period of time before hanging again. Sometimes everything will be fine for hours or even days, but other times it will hang every few minutes.

I would be happy to attach my code, but before doing that, I am wondering if there are any known issues with 1.2.3 like what I'm encountering?

I'm running the same network code on 10 arduinos and most of them seem fine, but a few are problematic, so I can't make any sense of it.

i don't have an answer for you... just that you know: there is a version 1.4