web site library accessibility

Would be nice if the library call pages in the Library Reference website included links back to the base Library ffor that call. For example, pages for Serial.setTimeout(), Serial.readBytes(), ... should include links somewhere on the page to Serial - Arduino Reference, Arduino - SoftwareSerial, Libraries - Arduino Reference, etc. This is roughly the equivalent of "up one directory" function.

The problem is where do you point too when a library is not core specific (There are duplicates of the serial libs for AVR, Due, Zero, Edison, Galileo, Galileo 2, ESP8266, Teensy,...).

I don't know that answer. I was just suggesting a ".." style, "go up one directory" to the parent from whence that call originates. If there is no encapsulation, so that "run()" could be called from any of several libraries, I guess you have a point.