web streaming analog radio receiver

Hi all, I have a project that requires some feedback advice I hope you don’t mind me bouncing it off you all. I am a Grad student in Chicago.
I am about to plan a build for Arduino and need advice, I am making a traveling case to send out to galleries that will contain a radio receiver that will slowly scan FM radio signals and then stream them to the web via Arduino. The idea is that the case can just be put down in a gallery or space be switched on and the Arduino will automatically connect to a free wifi hotspot and stream the local analog radio reception to a server, the idea is that the case can be modular inside so other Arduinos can be added at a later date to stream other info like video or local data sensing.

Any ideas how to proceed?

Many Thanks for your comments,


…and then stream them to the web via Arduino.

I don’t think that this is possible. Arduino has no built in capability for handeling neither audio signals nor web streaming.

And no built in WIFI.

I think yhat you would need a PC in the box to achieve this.

Nice idea, but Arduino’s not your man. You want a pc, but small and battery powered. Check out Norhtec, but don’t be deceived by their list prices, once you’ve added WiFi, XP, USB and a HDD, they’re more expensive than a laptop.

The alternative option, is to get an Arduino BT, then use a laptop or a wrecked pc, as a WiFi bridge, though I’m unsure how or if the BT would handle streaming audio data.