Web Switch

Unknown28: look at this files sir this our code and my problem is my code. i'll try to use another code.

So what (in detail, please) is your problem?

You took a working code from the Internet (Claudio Vella - Malta), which is working for MEGA2560 boards.

For UNO boards his code is NOT WORKING, because Claudio Vella is wasting much too much RAM for keeping strings in RAM, so it only works on Arduino MEGA2560 boards.

Then you did changes to this original code (which you posted as attached file scode2.txt), and with your own changes the sketch is not working flawlessly any longer, but the code creates several problems.

So the only problem I can see at the moment is that: - You took a working code from the Internet - You did some changes to the code ==> original program destroyed, does NOT WORK any longer on any Arduino board

What do you expect?

I also posted you a link to a (different, made by myself) code, that is fully working. Even on UNO boards. The only comment you sent to that was "no any other codes sir?", which doesn't tell me anything.

It's really hard to understand what you expect.