Web2Py GET requests from Arduino (ESP8266WiFi)

I'm using a NodeMCU and want to log data to my local Web2Py server.

The request: "http://minion.local:8000/ardulog/default/add/6476366/45643" works fine from the browser and returns a record id.

My Arduino can connect to my server but don't get any return data error or otherwise and nothing appears in my database.

// This will send the request to the server
samptime = millis();
rpm = (samptime + 333) % 96789;
String request = ""+String(samptime)+"/"+String(rpm)+" HTTP/1.1";
Serial.println("\ntrying: ");
Serial.println("GET " + request);
Serial.println("host: minion.local");
client.println("GET " + request);
client.println("host: minion.local");

// if there are incoming bytes available
// from the server, read them and print them:
while (client.available()) {
char c = client.read();

Serial.println("closing connection");

I've tried every variant I can think of but get only the following:

connecting to minion.local
[hostByName] request IP for: minion.local
[hostByName] Host: minion.local IP:
host: minion.local
closing connection
wait 5 sec...

Why am I not reading anything retuned from the server?

could you solve your problem with server don’t get data any return error?