Webcam: Johannesburg sky

A local helicopter operator has 3 webcams at their hangar at Rand Airport..

At 1700m 5500' asl we get some lovely skies.... Especially awesome in the late afternoons here in summer (southern hemisphere :wink: ) when we often get thunderstorms and scary lightning.

(SAST = UTC + 2)

Nice weather over there

Netherlands : 3-8C with a cold wind from east, winter will be coming soon

BTW, my home is marked by the yellow X on the ridge. I can see the airfield and get good reception on an airband radio.

Looks like rain later. NTS: bring the washing in.

South African Airways has two retired 747s at the museum on this field. The runways had to be widened to accommodate the jumbos’ main bogies. They will never get off the ground again though, since neither runway is long enough…

jimboZA home.jpg