webclient url variable


I'm a compleet n00b. For my first project I'm trying to create a datalogger. Plan is to create a webclient that calls a page on my webserver. By defining several GET-variables in the url it should be able to send data to the server. example /data_add.php?value1=123&value2=dfv

I'm pretty familiar with php and mysql. But not the arduino language

I found a little code-example for the client. Problem is: how to get values from variables into the url? How to make the url dynamic?

client.println("GET /search?q=arduino HTTP/1.0");

How to get variables into the url?

client.println("GET example /data_add.php?value1=variable1value2=variable2 HTTP/1.0");

The client.println function (appears to) take(s) a string as the argument. Use the sprintf function to create the string, based on a format statement and a variable number of arguments.