webduino and demo and not working

My first post here, so sorry, if in wrong group. But I have had arduino for couple of days now, and I started to test webduino, and problem is that i get it up and running, but I am not able to change any outputs state (at std sw pin 9 is output, and i even tried to put all outputs), no luck of working. I used firefox as browser. What i am missing here?. Ofcourse pointer to simple working example of setting/reading digital io-sw (over eth) would be appriciated (webduino or std web libs)

Thx in advance .


I' have exactly the same problem, everything works well, I uploaded the demo or buzzer Webduino example in my Arduino, I can see the webpage in my browser but when I try to change the value (With the webduino demo form for example), It does not work...

Jpanu, did you solve your problem?

Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks you for this great Forum and arduino adventure.

PS; Sorry for my French English