webduino and POST parameters

Hi everybody - My environment: Arduino 0018, original Arduino 2009, original Ethenet Shield (1st version with no reset), Win XP, all browsers (FF 3.6.8, IE 8, Safari 5.0.1)

I've made a lot of test on HTML pages that would rely on webduino's POST retrieving capabilities with no success - all I get as a result is:

1 - Arduino hanged-up (reset needed to get a page again) 2 - a web page with the following content (that never stops):

POST to parsed.html requested.

URL tail = '' Parameters sent by POST: = '' = '' = '' = '' = '' ... ...

Everything is good as soon you use GET parameters...

Am I the only one encountering such a kind of problems? Mant thanks in advance for your attention...

Regards, Andrea

Typically, GET is used to retrieve data from a server, PUT is used to store data on a server, and POST is used to store files on a server.

Obviously, the header stuff needed to POST is quite a bit more complex than that for PUT or GET.

So, why do you need to use POST?

Thank you for your quick reply PaulS - I need POST in order to make parameters not visible from the URL... that said, this doesn't solve the question: is webduino capable to retrieve (or at least to avoid to hangup!) POST parameters (apparently as stated) or not? Did anybody experienced such a behaviour?

Regards, Andrea

If you cannot get requests to work with a POST method, then you can still keep the request parameters out of the URL, by using a form:

or are you concerned about people spoofing requests using a browser?

Thank you Si for your reply and for your suggestion - I don't want to appear unpolite but what i need is not a workaround but instead is to understand if webduino is the right answer to process POST request or not... it looks like nobody faced the same needs.

I have to make it fool and spoof proof: beside the POST request I like most over GET, I cannot accept that a HTTP POST request will bang the board... you know what I mean.

Thank you anyhow, Andrea