Webduino and Post URL capture

I want to capture something like this


I would like to capture y into a string ultimately to store into EEPROM

I think i need to use server.nextURLparam, anyone have a link to a quick pointer on how to do that.. additionally to EEPROM?

With every /GET /POST you wish to store the variable into it EEPROM?!

All it would take is 1 Denial of Service attack to potentially screw you over.

But to answer the question, you accept the connection, you read the data until you hit the double carriage return, then parse out the values you need.

its a closed loop automation system, also this page has authentication on it.. so DOS I am not worried about.. and only a POST would EEPROM.write
any GET would read the memory holder.

why would I have a double carriage return? is this something that server.nextURLparam would return with the non fixed length? I dont understand.

Because the double carriage return signifies the end of the http request.

the rest of it would be the payload/webpage/

but it might not be EOL, there are other strings

but it might not be EOL, there are other strings

All before the double cr/lf (blank line) is the header. All after is the payload. The payload could arrive in a different packet, though normally it doesn’t. Technically, you must parse the header for “Content-Length: xxx” where xxx will be the size of the payload. Then you must read that many characters after the blank line.

i solved it

void settingsCmd(WebServer &server, WebServer::ConnectionType type, char *url_tail, bool tail_complete) //settings post handler
 if (type == WebServer::POST)
 bool repeat;
 char name[16], value[16];
 repeat = server.readPOSTparam(name, 16, value, 16);
 String valueString = String(value);