Webpage sending information to serial port

Hi all! I don't have nearly no experience on webpage design and stuff like that. I have dreamweaver, and I once tried to build a website. I was just thinking if I use XAMPP, can I build a webpage that can be accessed within my local area network, that can send something to the serial port my Arduino is connected to?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Habib,

To connect your Arduino to the network you need one of these things:

  • connect serial port to a computer that is on the network
  • connect an Ethernet Shield or Module to your Arduino, and wire that to your network.

On the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI see more here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Ethernet

Bitlash Commander may be worth a look. It allows you to control a usb-connected Arduino from a web dashboard:


Thank you all! Due to my budget, I don't think I can afford an ethernet shield yet. :slight_smile:

Bitlash looks really cool! But does it work with windows?

You can use the apache web server on the pc and use a simple batch file as a cgi interface to send commands to the pc serial port.

I haven't tested Bitlash Commander on Windows but it "should work". Which is to say, let me know when you find problems…

Bitlash itself runs on the Arduino so Windows is not a factor.


Wow thanks @billroy! I managed to use bitlash with the Arduino serial monitor. But how do I use it over the network?


Now you need to install the web part. Follow the instructions to install Bitlash Commander here: GitHub - billroy/bitlash-commander: Web-based dashboard builder for Arduino.

Commander runs a web server on your PC. The instructions tell you how to set it up and feed it.

Please note you do need development tools installed on your system (a compiler) for the Commander install to succeed. On Windows, you need Visual Studio 2010. On OS X, you need the free XCode install, and on Linux you need gcc / build-essential.


Thanks a lot! I already have visual studio.
Oh, I am also trying to sart an apache server with XXAMP.

How do I install Bitlash Commander in windows? I can't open a terminal window.

I don't do Windows, but last time I did you could get a command console up with Start -> Run -> cmd or some similar incantation.