Webpanel log in error!

Every thing has been fine I turned off the Yun and came back later, plugged the Yun in and I go to type my password then I get this error

Bad Gateway

The process did not produce any response

I can run my sketch and it does run

But I can not log in to the webpanel!
I did do a WiFi reset and then log in to and set my settings up again but when I saved and reboot and tried to go to same error! What should I do?

/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

use browser directly access, ( change ip to yours)

Did you change anything at "/etc/config/uhttpd"

backup plan: backup the the code you wrote, then re-flash the firmware.

I can see the login homepage but but when I type password in and click log in then I get the error!
I can log in by putty just fine!
I have not changed "/etc/config/uhttpd"

I guess I will re-flash the firmware!