Webscraping on an Arduino Uno using Python?

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a project that basically displays some information on a MAX7219 LED matrix. The information I want to use needs to be scraped from some websites. I need to log in first.

I'm currently using a Python script to get that information but I hadn't even considered if it's possible to use that code with an Arduino Uno. I have a few general feasibility questions if anyone can help out:

  1. Are Arduino Uno's even capable of web scraping? (Should I try a Raspberry Pi instead?)
  2. The script I am using to web scrape right now uses Selenium and chromedriver, so I'm concerned that it works fine only on my local machine and would not work on an Arduino.

If anyone has some suggestions or ideas please let me know.

Simple answer: no.

Esp8266, esp32 and various arm-based development boards can run Python, but it's microPython or circuitPython, rather than full-blown Python, and those may not support the libraries you mentioned. And when running micro/circuitPython, those boards can't be described as "Arduino". Uno? No chance.

If you can scrape the Web pages using C/C++, then the 32-bit "Arduino" I mentioned might be able to to what you need.

Alternatively, could a remote server scrape the websites and serve a page containing the essential required data in very short, simple text-only format? An esp8266-based "arduino" such as a wemos mini could read the simplified page and drive the led matrix.

That's definitely a potential solution, but I think it makes more sense to use a Raspberry Pi instead and just use that web scrape and serve data to the LED matrix.

I appreciate your taking the time to help out! Thank you!

Yes, I think I would go with a pi zero w.

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