Webserver from SD card


I'm working on a webserver where I host several htm files on the SD card on my arduino Mega. I have read a lot of examples and got an ajax gauge to show the value of an analog input on the arduino etc.

But now I need a control panel to set the network settings on the arduino. Have tried to input data from the arduino into form on the htm page but with no luck... I need both mac, IP, subnet and gateway. (And even more data later on in the project)

Do I use Iframe, Ajax or JSON? What is best suited for this amount of data?
Maybe I could store the values in a file on the SD card and read the data that way?

You can design the web page however you want. The simplest design would be to just put a form element in the page. You will need to parse the form parameters out of the incoming HTTP request. I suspect you'll have found examples of doing that already.

You can store the configuration either in a file on the SD card, or in EEPROM. I would have thought that EEPROM made more sense, but it is up to you.