Webserver-HTMLstyles problem

Hello everyone!

I created a webserver on a arduino for my project. I will call this local webserver from my phone.
but i have trouble with adjusting the size of the webpage. This means i have to zoom in first, to read the text. So how can i setup the ’ page size’ in px or something to make a fit to screen.

        //now output HTML data header
             if(readString.indexOf('?') >=0) { //don't send new page
               client.println("HTTP/1.1 204 \r\n\r\n");
               client.println("Content-Type: text/html");
               client.println("<meta name='apple-mobile-web-app-capable' content='yes' />");
               client.println("<meta name='apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style' content='black-translucent' />");
               client.print("<html style=height:50px");
               client.print("<html style=width:50px>");
               client.print("<body style=height:50px>");
               client.print("<body style=width:50px>");
               client.print("<body style=background-color:black>"); //set background to white

This is what i tried to do some setup. But it doenst seems to work.

Are there any examples? or does someone have tips for the page size / page to fit

Thanks in advance!